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Never gets used and just sits in his garage. Heres a link to the ad he posted on craigslist. Asking $4500 or best  10 Mar 2015 Vehicle: Max IV 6x6 amphibious skid-steer atv. Motors (2): Iskra 3 phase AC AMT7130 about 5.3 hp & 120 lb. torque each.

Max iv 6x6

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21 Feb 2021 Outlander MAX 6x6 DPS 450. ATV Tracks. MAX IV management. Will accommodate most 6x6 and 8x8 ATVs. Get it here. Due to VIRUS USPS  PRE-OWNED 1998 MAX II AMPHIBIOUS ATV 6x6 at Higgins Powersports in Barre, MA. Financing Available! The MAX II is a highly mobile six-wheel drive  4 Oct 2009 This is a Max IV 6x6 amphibious ATV that I built for my wife.

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Standard features on this model include skid plate and bearing extensions. The Max IV 6-wheel drive is an all-terrain vehicles with outstanding off-road capabilities, it is extremely maneuverable due to their skid-steering and full-time six-wheel drive.

Max iv 6x6


IV. Hydraulisk oljestyrning - hane (tillval). V. Hydrauliskt bromssystem - hane (tillval). 1. Transporthastighet: Max. 25 km/h. Transportbelastning på hitchkrok. 940 kg.

Max IV Rear Cargo Rack.
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The Board shall also actively work to attract new funding and to promote the industrial use of MAX IV Laboratory. The Board consists of nine members including the Chair. Members are appointed by Lund University in consultation with the Swedish Research Council (VR) and Vinnova.

1334. Öppet: Fyll på batterisyra till max- strecket. Slutet: Fyll på den SP, SP II, SP IV, SP V, Strada. 888.
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Swedish municipal waste water treatment plants are The influent was stored at +4°C for max 3 days before the analysis. Switchad spänning [598] [V AC], Spolresistans [590] [Ω], Kontaktbelastbarhet DC @R [573], Kontaktström max. AMPMODU MOD IV [25] 13x7.6x6.9mm [5] IV. A. BE. ST. ÄM. M. EL. SE. R. G en om fö ra nd etid en slu ta r 1. 5 år e fte förväntas överskrida riktlinjernas värde för max-buller, vilket framförallt krav på dessa; 5 meter till brännbart, minst 6x6 meter, åtkomligt med tungt.